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Śmiechowy autobus:D
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Strange guy just began laugh in bus... You can imagine what happened next
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Chris Rock’s Top Five Stand-Up Clips

Chris Rock Top Five

In Top Five, Chris Rock plays movie star Andre Allen, who, after a stint in rehab and a box-office failure, is attempting a career comeback. In the film, one of Allen’s biggest hurdles is that he no longer feels funny. But in real life, of course, Rock doesn’t appear to have that problem. Though his films have been hit-or-miss, the comedian’s stand-up has been consistently hilarious for three decades. With Top Five opening today, we picked our top five Chris Rock stand-up clips.

1. Marriage and its discontents are featured heavily in Rock’s comedy. In this clip, Rock goes on a rant about having to deal with other boring married couples and the impossibility of finding a soul mate with the exact same interests—in his case, that would be Seinfeld and Wu-Tang Clan.

2. In this early clip, Rock is only 23 (and wearing a particularly unsightly eighties sweater), but you can already see the elements of his style—the repetition, the pacing back and forth—that are now hallmarks of his routine.

3. Not a lot of people could extract humor from gun control, but in this bit from Bigger & Blacker, Rock pulls it off, and even presents an inventive economics-based solution for addressing gun violence in America.

4. In this joke from his 2008 special Kill the Messenger, Rock acknowledges the absurdity and double-standards of fame and takes a shot at the affluent neighborhood he lives in.

5. In this recent Saturday Night Live opening monologue, Rock—never one to shy away from a sensitive topic—riffs on the new One World Trade Center, the Boston Marathon, and the commercialization of Christmas.

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“I always tell my kids to cut a sandwich in half right when you get it, and the first thought you should have is somebody else. You only ever need half a burger. ”
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Osaka Bang! (Eng sub)
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Dave Chappelle - Hit Me! - YouTube
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